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  • Sku: HW-5000
  • Vendor: SUNSUN

SUNSUN HW-5000 Frequency 1800L/H-4600L/H Adjustable External Filter

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Product description

Product Features:

  •  Directly imported from factory
  •  Built-in frequency pump, small power, large flow
  •  Adjustable flow rates from 1800L/H to 4600L/H meet your different needs
  •  Large LED control Panel, more effective to adjust pump power and UV light working hours
  •  Draining skep of multiplayer design different filter material, convenient cleaning
  •  Unique design of inlet and outlet accessories, fix to tank more effective
  •  Siphon principle can get rid of all air in the filter, easy operation


        Flow Rate from 1800L/H to 4600L/H adjustable

         Stall P010: 10W, 1800L/H, 

         Stall P015: 15W, 2300L/H, 

         Stall P020: 20W, 2800L/H, 

         Stall P030: 30W, 3800L/H, 

         Stall P035: 35W, 4200L/H, 

         Stall P040: 40W, 4600L/H, 

  • Voltage: 220V-240V
  • Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
  • Power: 10W-40W
  • UV Light
  • Max Flow Rate: 4600L/H
  • Tank Capacity: 1100L
  • Dimension: 400mm(L)x400mm(W)x450mm(H)
  • H-Max: 3.8m
  • Easy setup
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Water Type:  For both freshwater and saltwater aquariums

Package Included:

1 x HW5000     

3 x White Cotton Sponge Pads


The filter will be tested before sending out to make sure it is in good working condition, so it is normal if you find a little bit water mark inside of the canister. Please do not purchase it if you are not satisfied with this condition. Thanks

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SUNSUN HW-5000 Frequency 1800L/H-4600L/H Adjustable External Filter

$336.00 AUD

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