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  • Sku: AQ-600
  • Vendor: SUNSUN

SUNSUN intelligent wireless controller aquarium home electric appliances

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Product description

Note: This smart WIFI controller is for iPhone/iPad only. Can control any home electric appliances which plugs into the smart sockets

Operating requirements: In the use of this smart WIFI controller, the controller is required to be within 10 meters of distance from WIFI router to make sure controller can receive the network signals.

Total max output is 2000W, single hold socket’s max output is equal or less than 300W, overload may cause damage.

This is electronic device; it is forbidden to use under water or place in humid environment. Please use it in a dry and ventilated environment.

The controller is suitable for fish tanks with heater, light, wave maker, UV light, water pump, air pump etc. You can remote control any devices which plugs into the smart sockets on the controller

You can also plug in any home appliances in smart sockets on the controller and control the appliances anytime and anywhere.

The controller comes with 6 sockets, 3 sockets are controllable with app on your iPhone, another 3 sockets are normal, not controllable

Set up steps:

1.       Download SUSNUN app on your iPhone/iPad

2.       Register account in the app

3.       Connect the controller with your home WIFI

4.       Plug in devices in the smart sockets

5.       Set up the devices in app

6.       Control the devices in anywhere with internet connection

Product name:

Aquarium smart controller

Product description:

Model: AQ-600


Input: 100V-250VAC/50Hz

length * width * height 230 * 70 * 30mm

Weight: 0.2kg

Power cable length: approx. 2 m

Maximum output power: 2000 W

Input power: 220-240V

Input current: 10A

Package: WIFI smart controller, temperature probe, manual and 3pcs adapters

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SUNSUN intelligent wireless controller aquarium home electric appliances

$98.90 AUD

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